Daisy Who?

Daisy Does fashion. Daisy Does sport. Daisy Does fashion meets sport – with a little bit of London in between.

Daisy has been cutting about town and noticed a new breed of urban fox – girls who work hard, play hard and train hard. This blog is a space for people with a penchant for sweat breaking, learning new tricks and stepping outside of their comfort zones. Daisy wants you to experience the palpitation-inducing activities, people, places, ideas and garments she comes across in her daily explorations of London as a fashion and lifestyle journalist. Daisy Does sleuthing, tasting, testing, reviewing, previewing and enthusing about all that London has to offer in the culture meets sport arena. If you have anything you think Daisy should do, investigate or road test, then drop her a note at daisydoes@live.com


3 responses to “Daisy Who?

  1. AlicePalace

    Sounds wicked, I look forward to the next installment and to being inspired to do some fun things!

  2. Addicted already – tell me more Daisy!

  3. Emma Button

    Please write about woman’s hair dying ie HIGHLIGHTS and the perils, expense how often we have to do it…. plllease

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