Pelicans and Parrots

While on a long Sunday morning run with me, myself and I, I ducked and dived down side-roads, just for the sake of seeing what was down there. It turned out, as aimlessly running often does, to be fruitful, as I ejected straight onto Kingsland Road and into the doorway of new vintage clothing and homeware boitique Pelican’s and Parrots.


runners need


Well presented and airy; rails were divided into colours, which appeals to my penchant for colour coordination. Carefully placed object de art – from antlers to vases and elegant Champagne flutes from days gone by – lent a miniature-museum-of-wonderful-things feeling to the shop.


what a lovely ideer


I sweatily pricked through beautiful pieces, with a few Ossie Clarke style names punctuating genuine non-label vintage dresses, silk shorts and capes. Price points were excellent ranging from around £30 – £100, and the quality was exemplary – no tea-stains, frayed edges or broken zips.

So it’s true, the early bird really does catch the Pelican. Run Rabbit and ye shall find. A Parrot in the hand is worth two in the… Oh Dear. I think it must be lunchtime.


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