Girly Crush

This has been the week of the girly crush.

First up, Yasmin Yusuf, creative director of Miss Selfridge who I’ve been researching ahead of an interview.

Not only has she transformed the brand into something I can’t wait to get my hands all over, but the woman famously travels the world scavenging for inspiration. Such trips take her not only to Indian markets but to wild parties in Ibiza where she mentally takes style notes while on the dance floor. As if that wasn’t all dreamy enough, last December she opened up her vintage archives at Arcadia and the results were a beady, sparkly, chiffony, silky heaven. How much do I want to get lost in her closet?

Number two girl crush goes to the devastatingly drop-dead-gorgeous Erin Wasson.

Erin WassonBut not simply because she’s hot. No. For me that is never enough of a reason. Perhaps more importantly she surfs. And that puts her very high on my cool list. And lastly, this week she announced a collaboration with Zadig & Voltaire. The capsule range will be released later this year but expect something that captures Wasson’s energy, natural beauty and of course the label’s understated French chic.

And finally, because there must be three. Natalie Portman. And for this one I reserve a spot of embittered jealousy. And again it has nothing to do with looks – she may be undeniably beautiful but what makes me really green, is that not only is she an award winning Hollywood actress, but she has achieved what most dancers spend years trying to do – receive recognition and profiling for outstanding performance quality. Plus, the girl actually got paid to train for months in preparation. Most dancers beg borrow and steal to get that sort of an education. And that, for one injured ex-dancer (that’d be me incase you’re wondering), is just too much to take. And on those grounds alone, Natalie my old fruit, I want to be you. Mebs without the halloween eyes though.

Perhaps I should have changed the title of this blog from ‘Girly Crush’ to ‘Green Eyed Monster’?


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