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ASA bans two EasyTone adverts

Excitement in the office today when I receive the news that the Advertising Standards Agency has banned a Reebok magazine and TV advert following claims they were misleading.

The reason for said excitement is myself and Lady Next To Me are both keen runners. We spend a great deal of time yakking about the virtues of running – about how pushing yourself is exhilarating, spirit lifting etc etc and of course… good for your butt. At one stage we were running up to 30 miles a week, eating healthily and barely drinking and neither of us became supermodels. Quelle suprise.

insert 'butt of joke' here

Those adverts filled with Miss Brook’s (undeniably perky) bum rolling and writhing used to drive us insania (see my blog post earlier this year expressing such frustration) – if a trainer that tones and shapes without actually doing an exercise really did exist why isn’t the whole world wearing them? What devilry would have to occur for such magic result? And perhaps more importantly why was a SPORTS brand marketing them, more appropriate would be Lazy Kids Anonymous surely?


these are not lazy legs


I hope Reebok get back to concentrating on creating real sports apparel that enhances and supports performance, rather than quick fix shoes, that, as has been proved, don’t actually work anyway. There is so much more to sport than losing a few dimples from the backs of your thighs, and if that is your main motivation, sorry ladies, the truth is you need to get up and move your body – as wth all sports, cheats are disqualified.


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