72 Hours in San Francisco

Should you be inspired to run the San Fran Marathon, here’s a suggestion of how to spend your down time…

Unpack… your kit bag at the elegant and seductive Clift Hotel. With Philippe Starck design features, crackling fire and low-lit cocktail bar, it’s a sleek and sumptuous retreat.

Search… for your name on the Nike Town Nike Womens San Fran Marathon outside wall. Then sharpen your elbows and step inside for shorts, tshirts and hoodys galore in colourways not yet available in the UK. Then its a hop, skip and a jump over to Union Square and the marathon Expotique, where you’ll pick up your race pack and calm nerves by watching a video of the race route, tasting sports bars and soaking up the pre marathon excitement.

Chow… down on authentic mexican burritos loaded with spicy beef, creamy guacamole and the tangiest salsa at La Taqueria, San Fran’s oldest Mexican canteena. Film posters, a juke box stacked with, ahem, famous Latin hits and San Fran locals all jostle for space.

Ride… around the city in one of the famed cable cars and get acquainted with the vertiginous hills. Start at Pier 39 and admire the eery Alcatraz while slurping up a thick clam chowder served in a famous sourdough bowl. Take a moment to peer down at the velvety brown sealions below.

Peruse… the extensive wine list at Bar Bambino. Post industrial surrounds and dishes including rich rabbit gnocchi make for an intriguing combination of urban eatery meets hearty and traditional fare.

Relax… at the Kibuki Springs and Spa with an indulgent Swedish Massage. Expert staff will knead out marathon induced knots and make your limbs love you again, while you sink into a blissful semi-consiousness. 

Sip… a silky cappuccino and meander in and out of the well stocked vintage shops and coffee houses of Valencia Street in The Mission district. Dainty lace dresses, boutique jewellery, antique crockery and carefully selected furniture give each shop a straight-out-of-Wallpaper magazine appeal.

Loosen… your top button at Lories Diner. Moon sized burgers, salty gherkin, stacks of sweet potato fries and a vase of creamy Oreo Cookie milkshake will replenish post race stocks as you sit in shiny booths surrounded by 50s style diner parafanalia and a mint green Cadallac.


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