Marathon Survival Kit

marathon survival kit

  • Neon pink Monika Club Bag, for carrying all essentials to the start line
  • Nike Lunar Eclipse, these guys are going to carry me 26.2 miles tomorrow
  • Warm jumper for pre-race warm-up and start line
  • Nike leggings with zip hems
  • dri-Fit anti blister double lined socks
  • Dry-Fit tee with all important name printed, cheers will apparently keep me going when the going gets tough
  • Jelly Belly Sports Beans packed with electrolytes, vitamin B, carbs and sugar
  • Berrocca, to kick start the day with much needed vitamins
  • Wallpaper guide to San Fran, for reading this evening and planning that post race cocktail
  • Vita Tonic Coconut Water, to drink half an hour before the start time – more electrolytes than most sports drinks and much tastier
  • Evian water, dehydration is the enemy
  • Nike Women’s San Fran Mara race pack, with timing chip and race number
  • Compeed plasters to cover blisters attained in training

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