Marathon Day

It’s 4am. I’m wide awake. I’ve woken up on the hour every hour since going to bed at 10pm. I’m so nervous/excited that my own heartbeat woke me up at one point, beating loudly against the duvet. The next time I woke up, I was in cold sweats. Now I’m supping Barocca and mentally preparing for todays marathon. I’m meeting the other ladies – Avril Mair and Jenny Dickinson from Elle Magazine, Elin Tough from Zest and the wonderful Nike girls Jo Taylor and Emma Kettlewell – at 5am in a 24 hour diner for breakfast and coffee (I’ll be eating a bran muffin with fresh fruit and seeds – today is not the day for trying anything new or potentially upsetting). Then it’s to bag check for 6am ready for a 7am start. Thank goodness race day is finally here, I don’t think I can bear the wait any longer. I’ll see you on the other side.



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2 responses to “Marathon Day

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  2. Carrie

    Go Daisy, go Daisy, go…. How did it go today?

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