Nike Women HyperWarm Hoody

The sun is shining. Hurrah. But don’t let it fool you, autumn is here. Which means that as soon as the sun has dipped its hat, there is a certain chill in the air. Last night I upgraded from my favourite running vest to the NikeWomen Hyperwarm Hoody.

It’s skinny fabric and high collar hugs the body, making me look ever so slightly ninja-esque. Pow. I like feeling like a ninja, it makes me run like one too. We did 7 miles – my first proper run since The Injury and my last proper run before The Nike Womens San Fran Marathon. Epic.

For those less worried about their ninja credentials, the fabric does have other things to offer. It’s naturally dry-fit, so all sweat is wicked away from the body (I know as I wore mine with only a sports bra underneath). It also has a breathable mesh section at the back, so you’re kept warm and dry but fresh air circulates, helping to regulate a comfortable running temperature once you’ve warmed up. There’s nothing worse than being too hot when racing the pavements.

For those that like looking like a ninja, pull the hood up over your ears and make use of the fact this hoody is designed for women – so space for your ponytail has been taken into account.

Here’s a little film of it in action. Mines black not purple. You can’t be a purple ninja – although street dancer Sofia Boutella, featured here does look pretty fly.

This will be getting a lot of wear as the mercury dips towards Christmas.




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3 responses to “Nike Women HyperWarm Hoody

  1. Couch Potato

    Thanks to your blog I have managed a 4 mile run – for the first time EVER! I think I will reward myself with one of those Ninja hoodies, very cool – I love hole for the ponytail, must have been designed by a girl haha!

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