One Week Until Marathon

Ok, so it’s exactly one week until the Nike Women’s San Fran marathon. And I’ve plucked up the courage to take a look at the event route map.


Nike Women's San Francisco Marathon Route Map


As you can see from the elevation, miles 6 – 7 and 11 – 14 in particular are going to be killer. I hope the flat areas aren’t made tricky by strong coastal winds too. The Boy suggested I watch ‘Bullitt’ to get a true flavour of what the mean hills might be like. but to be honest, at this stage, what will be will be – I need no more reasons to scare myself.

I’ve not run (or   done any exercise other than walking) for just over a week now (aside from the 15 mins cross training at the gym). My knees are still very sore, often waking me up at night in pain and the tugging sensation in my left leg hasn’t subsided despite the res, stretching and foam roller work I’ve been doing.

To be honest, I’m now giddy with excitement. The fear is subsiding and I just want to get out there. With only one week to go I can’t make any major improvements to my fitness, especially not with this damn injury. So it’s time to eat well, drink nothing, load up on water and carbs and kiss my sweet trainers good luck.


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