Nike Women’s San Fran Marathon – Injury Time

I’ve been dogged with injury since my 20 mile run and have been ordered not to run until the marathon by my physiotherapist. I’m experiencing a tugging sensation in my left leg between the fibia and my anklebone, plus localized pain around the knees. It could be a stress fracture in the fibia, or could be extremely tight IT bands – both common injuries for training marathon runners.

Stopping running entirely only two weeks before the hardest physical challenge of my life felt like an insane prospect, but after getting teary just standing up, it was advice I couldn’t ignore. I’ve now had exactly a week off from all exercise and am feeling fully rejuvenated.The tugging sensation is still there but has subsided. I have another physio session tomorrow, where hopefully further progress can be made.

I’m also getting itchy-footed and can’t wait to try and run again. The physio suggested using the cross trainer rather than actually running, to minimise impact on my joints, so this evening I shall heed this advice and see how the peg legs fare.



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2 responses to “Nike Women’s San Fran Marathon – Injury Time

  1. nikki

    best of luck and go easy!

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