The Fear

Gearing up for a 20 mile run. The longest I will do before the actual Marathon in three weeks time. I’m buzzing – the sort of nerves you get before a job interview; fear, excitement, butterflies and just wanting it to be over. Have mapped my route on mymyrun and will take my Nike Sportsband to keep track of time. Wish me luck (telepathically natch).



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2 responses to “The Fear

  1. Couch Potato

    Good luck!!! If you have any tricky moments try to think about all the people you are inspiring to get off their arses… I’ve run 10 miles this week (not in one go!) and 2 of them I ran with a smile on my face. If that fails think of the delicious big roast dinner you can reward yourself with when you’ve finished!! xxx

  2. nikki

    indeed. i ran 5 miles last week on your inspiration. run like the wind xx

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