Tempo and Hill Training

I’m not much of a morning person, or so I’ve been told. So, cycling down to Oxford Street on a Thursday morning at 7am, is for me, an achievement in itself. Completing a 50 minute training session straight after, quite frankly deserves a gold medal.

I’ve had one other personal training session with Brian Cochrane, Nike’s Master Trainer. But nothing quite prepared me for my introduction to his tempo and hill training techniques.

20 minutes of tempo training is designed to challenge anaerobic limits. If you want to follow our tempo training session, see below.

Tempo Training on the Treadmill:

Set the treadmill to a 1% gradient to mimic road running.

Running patterns follow four, one minute cycles.

After a two minute warm up walk at speed 6.5 start jjogging.

Increase speed to 9 – run for 1 minute.

Increase speed to 10 – run for 1 minute,

Increase speed to 11 – run for 1 minute.

Increase speed to 12 – run for 1 minute.

Return to speed 9 and repeat. Complete 5k’s worth of intervals.

When you’ve completed your last cycle, increase the speed to 14 and sprint for 1 minute.

Cool down.

Try not to collapse.
Our second session of the morning was hill training. Doom.

Hill Training on The Treadmill.

In short this involves 20 minutes of gradual hill inclines.

Set the speed to 10 throughout (or a speed that is comfortable for you to run at).

Set the gradient to 1% and jog for 1 minute to warm up.

Increase gradient to 3% and run for 1 minute.

Then in 1 minute intervals as above keep increasing the gradient by 1%. So you’ll go through 3% to 5% to 7% to 9%.

We did three rounds of this, by which point, having already done tempo training, cycled to the gym, not eaten breakfast (am I the Queen of excuses?!) I’m feeling punished. By the end I am actually wailing at Brian that I can’t go on. Rather than listen to my girly moans, he amps the gradient up to 11% for my final minute and I truly feel as if my legs are going to give way and fall off the treadmill. Time is up not a moment too soon.

San Francisco’s hills have the potential to ruin me if I don’t practice climbing the damn things at pace, so although exhausting, this is the kind of training that I know I couldn’t do without having Brian there to stop me falling off the back of the treadmill. If you’re practicing this, unlike me, keep hydrated, it will help no end.



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2 responses to “Tempo and Hill Training

  1. nikki

    wow. you deserve more that water. id recommend some cake.

  2. Couch Potato

    Bl**dy hell, your a machine, I’m constantly surprised and amazed by your discipline!! Keep it up Daisy x

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