Running In Wimbourne

Went for a jaunt down to Dorset at la weekend to visit The Boy’s famille. After two roast dinners, apple pie, cheese, fruit cake, carrot cake, flapjack, doorstep sandwiches and cookies I was gagging for a run. I’ve been having a crisis of confidence of late, after doing an 8 mile run that I struggled with to the point of giving up, so I was desperate to get back out and prove to myself that I will be able to tackle the Nike Women’s San Fran Marathon.

Not knowing this part of the world at all, The Boy took me on a tour of the woodland, streets and villages that surround Colehill.

We took in very a many hill and some glorious sights along the way. Mot notably Cannon Hill Woods where I fleetingly admired these Alice In Wonderland-esque toadstools:

don't eat me

Being a country girl at heart I miss the woods. Scampering through the leafy green trees took me back to being a little’un:

This is me after 14 miles, feeling strong and attacking a slow incline.

And on the final stretch, powering out towards a home finish.

Miles completed 15.9.

Time: Approx 2 hours 10 mins, with a stop halfway for The Boy to swap from feet to wheels and complete on his bike, and a second pit stop for Lucozade at the local petrol station.

Things I learnt about myself:

I no longer fear hills, in fact The Boy noted that I speed up when attacking them. Not a conscious decision but it seems to be working.

I need to refuel with an energy drink or similar every hour when running long distances.

Eating copious amounts of food the day before a long run can be beneficial. To the run, not my thighs.

All the hours, struggles and blisters are slowly becoming worth it – I feel strong and positive.

An ice-bath really does promote muscle recovery – following mine I was free from aches and pains.


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