This Week’s Hot List

Vouvray. Serve chilled, preferably in a garden in Suffolk. Sweet, light and way too quaffable.

Pamela. The stray cat we’ve adopted. There can not possibly be a more affectionate cat in history of felines. She’s not as keen on cameras though.

Nike Women’s Ultimatum Backpack. It’s been on my back all week like a bright purple snail’s shell ferrying my life around London.

Florals. But not just any old flowery tea-dress. Meadham Kirchoff’s A/W 10 collection channels the spirit I’d like to capture, part Moroccan Queen, part Romany daughter, part fairy tale and part eccentric Lady of the Manor.

Present – London. Grab a coffee, browse sexy men’s clothes, expensive candles and other artfully placed items. Not just any coffee, the best coffee in London, via Gwilym Davies, the 2009 World Champion Barista. NERD held the first UK playback of their album here last week too.

Images credits in order:

moi (hence the blur)
Mattias Bjorklund


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