Nike Lunar Glide 2+

So, I’ve got some fancy new kicks (another pair) huzzah! This time I designed them myself courtesy of Nike id so if you’re not keen on the colours you have me to answer to.

Daisy Does Lunar Glide 2+

These are like an upgrade from the Lunar Glide’s that I usually run in. The Lunar Glide 2+ is the new improved model. They are lighter again than the original Lunar Glide’s, offer enhanced support and flexibility and they look pretty fly too.

Now that I’m running lots the toenails are starting to blacken. Thankfully the Lunar’s do all they can to prevent this; room around the toe, flywire technology to lock the bridge of your foot in tight and built –in ‘fit soles’ which contour around your foot and encourage it to sit as firm as possible. Extra soft bits around the edge cushion against impact. At the end of the day though, keeping toenails short and just putting up with the inevitable is sadly obligatory. There’s always nail varnish.

I love that even the inside is super-comfortable. I tend to have my gym kit with me now that I’m training most days, and often swap my heels for kicks on the walk/cycle in (yes I’m one of those girls with the, er, great outfit and sports trainers). While I wouldn’t recommend training barefoot, for a quick speed-walk to see you from door to desk nuddy skin is fine ­ the soles are velvety soft.

I have to confess though, I’ve become quite attached to my first pair of Lunar Glides, they’ve come on a pretty emotional running journey with me so far, so occasionally I pop them on for a quick jog, just for old times sake. I don’t want them to think I’ve left them for some young blonde blue. Geek. I know.



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3 responses to “Nike Lunar Glide 2+

  1. Cat

    Hello, I am looking at buying the Nike Glide 2 like yours and i really dont mind your pick of color 🙂 Would you share the style 9I am in Montreal, not sure will run in the same crowd)

  2. Jessi

    I have the original Lunar Glides, and I LOVE them. I’m looking at replacing them with the Lunar Glide 2 but am concerned that the fit won’t be the same. Do you think that they’re pretty similar? I ordered my normal size in the Lunar Elite and they’re much more narrow than the Glides that I have and cannot run in them :/
    Thanks 😉

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