A Half Marathon

Accidentally ran 14 miles at the weekend. I say accidentally in the context of running for a very long time, getting home and plotting the route on mapmyrun and discovering you’ve run 14 miles. POW! Rather than the sort of accidentally where you’re like oops, I accidentally slept with your husband.

Anyway. Back to running.

stokey - springfield - bow - limehouse basin - thames - and return

This was our route. I say our as I was not alone. The Boy agreed to come and support me, planning to stop if he needed to  (he’s not training for the Nike Women’s Sanfransisco Marathon after all). But stop we bloody well didn’t. It took us two hours and we both really enjoyed it.

Taking in parts of london we’d never seen before. The canal path that weaves from Lea valley to Bow then down to Limehouse basin and The Thames is just beautiful. A gorgeous sunny day helps, sure. But playing nosey parker at people’s back gardens, literally dripping into the edge of the canal was like a real life episode of Location Location Location. I think I ‘imaginary bought’ at least 5 houses.

At the point just past Limehouse Basin when The Thames suddenly smacks you in the face and you’re no longer running but hanging over the edge of a railing having thrown yourself against it on impact and London stretches out in front of you, I experienced the sort of elation you read about in books – when explorers are trekking for days to reach the coast and suddenly it spreads out before them. And then, just like the fictional intrepids, you catch your breath, realise there’s nothing much to be seen and race back the way you’ve just come. Far less disappointing than it sounds.

This is the furthest I’ve EVER run. And I totally shocked myself by not only enjoying it, but finishing with energy to spare. My knees were in agony and felt like jelly for a good half and hour after stopping. I think that knee pain is going to be as much of an issue as sheer exhaustion by the time the marathon comes round. Going to follow advice and start dunking in an ice-cold bath after runs as of next Saturday. I’ll try to post a picture, just for a laugh. No white t-shirts allowed.

14 Miles

2 hours

Calories burnt? Who knows. But I ate a whole tub of Ben and Jerry’s when I got in, just incase. Equilibrium restored.


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  1. nikki

    this almost makes me want to run with you….can i have two tubs though and no ice bath?

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