Running in the rain

Chronologically speaking I’ve got two posts lined up from the weekend that should go up before this one. But I’m experiencing a rather euphoric high right now and want to write in the moment, so balls to timelines.

Tonight I had a bit of a running breakthrough. At Run Dem Crew I promoted myself to ‘greyhounds’, the running group a step up from my usual ‘hares’. I was nervous about being the slowest, but determined to up my game I set off with the faster group. Our run took us from 1948 space in Shoreditch, up to the canal on Witmore Road, along to Victoria Park, around the green expanse and back again.

this is approx – I may have over/underestimated the section in the park

Rain poured down from start to finish, heavy monsoon-like drops that mingled with sweat and stung my eyes. The canal was near deserted and the sheets of water dashing down surrounded me in a way that encouraged a feeling made me feel of running totally alone, although in reality beyond the watery bubble I knew the safety of the group was there.

Trying to see through the water, the normally chatty crew was near silent allowing the sounds of the rain to provide a heavy rhythm that my feet and heart naturally tuned into. The dense droplets falling on the canal sounded surprisingly delicate – like tinsel rustling in the wind.

The last time I’ve run in weather like this was my first 10k run a year and a half ago. I struggled through it then, heavy and cumbersome – the run felt exhausting, awkward and unnatural to me. This time it was exhilarating. I pounded through the rain at the head of my group, feeling empowered and at ease. Trying to avoid slipping on the muddy water underfoot, I kept my gait longer, lower and more in touch with the floor than usual. The result was a feeling of my feet and the floor working together, rather than against each other. With a rocking motion my heels connected, rolling through the balls and pushing off with my toes. My whole body stayed lower to the ground and I could feel my entire trunk driving through the rain, the power starting from my core, rather than from flailing limbs.

I finished the run feeling energised  and elated. None of the usual hamstring/knee aches and gripes I usually suffer from and none of the utter defeat that comes from completing a run but feeling tired, wiped out and in pain.

I think tonight boys and girls I had a running epiphany. Corny I know, but I feel like my love affair with running could be turning into something quite beautiful.

Miles run: (approx) 7.34

Sadly I don’t know how long it took. Nike Plus still kaput.


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