ipod Nike +

Here’s an idea. Don’t put your ipod with Nike+ insert down your sports top while doing a 6 mile run. The sweat breaks the ipod meaning you have no idea how far you’ve run, how fast, how many minutes your average/best mile was and how many calories burnt (if you’re that way inclined – which I’m not).

Very disheartening after a strong run. Thank the tinternet then for mapmyrun.com, where I plugged in my route and discovered I’d done 6.66 miles (bad omen?)

No idea how long it took me however, aside from it was 6.45pm when I left my house and 7.50pm when I next looked at the clock (with a quick pit spot in Sainsbury’s and a 5 min walk home ). So I’m guessing around the 55-60 minute mark, but who knows. Lesson learnt. ipod and sweat don’t mix.


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