Secret Garden Party

Quite simply a place of magic. Lakes, pagodas, floating lanterns, clear blue skies, oysters, vintage, massage, yoga, bands, djs, unicorns, boats, dragonflies, cider, debate, mayhem, madness, facepaint, glitter, gaffa, hula -, trapeze, sparkle, sizzle and pop. Oh to live in a field permenantly. Still, the fun can’t go on forever. Tents must be packed up, eyeliner scrubbed off and hair washed, brushed and tied back ready to return to earth. Or for me – time to kiss goodbye to drinking and get my head down for the marathon. Thank you Secret Garden Party for being a wonderous final foray before the serious stuff begins. Enough of the fanfare… back to the real world. Bang.


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One response to “Secret Garden Party

  1. nikki

    brilliant silly party.

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