GoingGoingBike (dot com)

Whoever came up with this idea must have had a real Dragon’s Den moment. If I was Deborah Meaden I’d want to throw money at it. But I’m not. Still, I can throw enthusiasm and perhaps the odd bike part.

Last night was the launch party of new bike website GoingGoingBike.com at the so-hot-right-now Look Mum No Hand’s in Clerkenwell. Goinggoingbike.com is a website set up for cyclist and bike enthusiasts. It’s a space for making use of the 1.5 million unused bikes that apparently sit around rusting in our garages/hallways/car parks/brother’s bedrooms. It’s an online community where people can safely buy and sell bikes and bike parts.

i spy something beginning with 'C'

The site offers an auction facility where retailers and cyclists can sell their bikes or bike parts. It is also a place where everyone from bike nuts to bike beginners can get advice and chew the fat on things spoke related. Joyous.

Sell or Buy: You can ‘Buy now’, ‘auction’, ‘lot auction’ or ‘put in a reserve price’. Listings are free and the site takes 5% commission on every bike sold (like Ebay). Buyers can search using the Bike Match widget for a specialist bike.

Bye bye bike crime: GoingGoingBike has a Prove It system that hopes to cut out bike crime on the site. In conjunction with BikeRevolution.org, the site encourages bike owners to register their bike with the site along with the bikes serial number (they’ll show you where to find this). Then when a seller uploads a new bike, they’ll cross reference it with Bike Revolution to check it hasn’t been registered stolen. There are also various (quick and easy) hoops you’ll need to jump through to prove the bike is legitimately yours.

Bike Love: Everyone loves a sexy bike (no just me?!) and here you can share your gorgeous machine with other bike fanatics. Score each other on hair, teeth, smile (spokes/frame/handlebars) and try and budge your wheels up the bike porn leaderboard.

Bikepedia: Sounds dodgy. But it’s not. This is the sites jargon busting engine.  Type in any bike related word you don’t understand and it translates it for you. If you don’t know your front axel from your front bottom. You need Bikepedia (coming soon).

The site is easy to navigate, has good core values and succeeds in being accessible to girls, boys, bike wizards and what-the-hell-is-a-bike people. You don’t need to be on Dragon’s Den to see it’s a clear winner. Plus, at the launch party they set the world record for the longest bike daisy chain. DaisyDoes bike daisy chains. How could you not like?




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  1. Hi, loving your blog, came across it via Going Going Bike’s blog. Do you have an RSS feed yet? Would be a great way to keep up with your posts.
    Thanks, Juliette

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