Marathon Training – Part 1!

The little brother and I (reluctantly – him not me ) kicked off my training Sunday morning, with a whip around Clissold Park. By the time I’d got lazy little bro out of bed it was 11am. I did 15 mins of pidgin yoga to warm up, then apprehensively set off.

clever lying down people

We did two laps of the park, which works out at 3k. A pretty lame first run, but the glaring mid day sun inhibited further laps. Plus, I should mention that my brother is recovering from Kidney cancer, having had his kidney removed at Christmas. He’s not been running for around 8 months now, but despite this took great pleasure in keeping at least two steps ahead of me, occasionally glancing back and grinning – ‘can’t you go any faster?!’ Cheeky bugger.

Totally loved the run though, and it was amazing to see how chuffed little bro was after completing two laps. Both returned back to my flat, sweaty and happy.

He was very grateful for the Puma T-shirt my boyfriend had lent him, along with some Nike running shorts. He’d tried (and failed) to convince me he could run in his airtex tee and heavy combat shorts. Big sisters (and international  sports brands) are right sometimes.

Going Up: Family running club fun

Going Down: Getting beaten by your post-op little brother

We followed up our run with a trip to The Serpentine Lido. I can highly recommend a bit of pond life action. The water was 24 degrees, so warmer than any unheated lido in London and far less busy – only about 20 people in there at 3pm on one of the hottest days of the year. It’s around 100 meters long too, so you can get some good lengths in.

I wish I’d gone styled like one of these divine creatures:

freckles and frills

I swam head-up front-crawl so not as to get pond water in my hairfaceeyecheek, so in theory full mermaid make-up wouldn’t have been that impractical.

a touch of pink

Plus the hat would protect tresses from seaweed invasion. But I fear I would only attract more attention to my bikini clad body. So as it stands I’m glad I went in my Asos bunny bottoms and an old sky blue bandeau top.

Little bro wore his airtex tee into the water to protect shoulders from the sun and to conceal his operation scar. I think it looks amazing, but he’s not quite public-ready for it yet and I salute that, so the pair of us mismatched our way into the lake and splashed around like ducks.

Who said marathon training couldn’t be fun?

Tip – Take moisturiser for post swim smothering, the untreated water seemed to dry me up like a prune.

Going up: Central London wild swimming

Going down: Weak showers mean you remain a pond monster until home time

NB. Photographs: Make-up by M.A.C directed by Linda Jeffrys for swimwear brand Anna&Boy at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2010.

And those peach, flower bomb swim caps are available at Beyond Retro. Guaranteed to bring a touch of whimsy to any swim. And who doesn’t like a whimsical swim eh?!


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