Nike World Cup Football Boots – The Future’s Orange

I was invited to Nike Town on Friday to pimp up a pair of Nike Lunar Glide 2+ running shoes. After some deliberation I went for sky blue, navy and bright orange, a summery palette for running in the sunshine. (More on these fab running shoes later).

World Cup fever however, must have grabbed me, as I was momentarily distracted by the action in the football boot department (not something that would usually turn my head).

Despite Adidas being the official sponsor for The World Cup, it has probably been the players Nike neon orange footy boots that you’ll remember from the pitch.

fancy footwork

The Nike Elite Orange Footy boots come in four different models. Each with a slightly different skillset but commonly offering a super lightweight body (5% more than any of Nike’s previous offerings), enhanced visibility owing to that popping colour, carbon enforced strength and durability.

At Nike Town I was distracted from my running shoe artistry by these hot orange boots , not simply because of their blinding appearance but because they were being dipped into this contraption:

modern technology eh?

Apparently, once you’ve selected and bought the boot, a few minutes in here softens the carbon fibres so much so that on refitting them moments later the shoe moulds to the wearer¹s foot. Ice is then applied to set the shoe; creating a boot that is personally shaped to your foot for optimum comfort and performance ability.

This is the only machine in the world that’s doing this at the moment, so the service is totally unique. I look forward to seeing one installed in Kurt Geiger. Well we can all dream.


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