Nike Women’s San Francisco Marathon

Oh. My. God. It’s official. I’m signed up to do the Nike Womens’ San Francisco Marathon. Eeeeeeschhkkkk!

At certain times in life there are no words, only sounds and this is one of them. Eeeeeeschhkkkk! 9 parts excitement 1 part fear.

The race is on 17 October this year, which gives me approximately three months to get marathon fit. I should mention, that I’ve not actually run now for over three weeks, so tomorrow must mark the beginning of said training.

I will be updating my progress on here, outfits worn, routes run, food consumed, highs, lows and in betweens as well as interviews with marathon phobics/converts/successes and failures.

I plan to feel fully ready in both mind and body, I don’t want race day to arrive and rather than be raring to go I’m staring hopelessly at my trainer wondering how to attach a rocket booster.

So mind and body will be put through paces as of tomorrow. In this sweltering heat I should be training in the right temperatures, so a big tick can go next to acclimatisation.

Roll on tomorrow morning, pulling on my shorts and pounding the pavements again – this time with intent.

Why not start tonight if I’m so excited? Well, let’s keep it real, a Friday night is still a Friday night, even when I’m aspiring to be Britain’s next top athlete ;0)

San Fran – BRING. IT. ON.


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