London Hire Bikes

I’m not a huge fan of Borris. I’m not a huge fan of many Tory’s. (Wow, controversial for a sunny Thursday afternoon). But Borris does seem to be doing something to promote cycling in la capital.

Outside my office on Stamford Street I’ve seen the first physical signs of the much rumoured cycle hire system.


As yet there’s not a huge amount of info on borrowing (do you get provided with locks/helmets/cycle routes?).

But there is a price list, starting at £1 for up to an hour (a bargain and great news for days when I’ve left the cycle at home but want to pop to Borough market for lunch) up to £50 for 24 hours. Which seems pretty steep.

There’s also a £250 late back fee, which could be a real sting if you get a flat tyre/puncture/get knocked down by a bus.

Obviously being a mean cyclist I think getting London cycling is a great idea. My only concern is that without proper cycle lanes, tourists and non-cyclists are going to put themselves and other road users under bigger risks than they are already.

I’ll do some investigating and see what the plans are for the rolling out of the cycle hire system. It works in Paris so I don’t see why it can’t here. But then croissants, coffee and chic work there too and er… Nuff said.


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