Beach Break Live

Apologies for the lack of posts. I haven’t been trekking in out Mongolia, nor have I been wrestling buffalos in the Serengeti. Nope I’ve been on holiday!

Well last week I was on holiday and as followers of Daisy will know the week before I was in Pembrokeshire at the UK’s biggest student festival egging post exam bums to get up and move their shape.

Dirty Beach do Beach Break Live

The weather was glorious, not a cloud in the sky. Making hula hooping on the beach a dream, yoga in the park a delight, the parkour displays sizzle and the snow on the dry ski slope melt. The sun did also make lie ins an absolute no go. So all and sundry were up buzzing around the site from 8am.

With all the activity campers were in need of good feeds. Being on a budget, we packed stove, picnic set and culinary skills. Who says you can’t eat well with no running water, one pot and some meths?

Dorset Cereals, Organic UHT Milk and Blueberries

Thai Green Vegetable Noodles with Fresh Lime and Mint

On the opening day, myself and two lovely helpers (they’re pictured below) donned our best 80s togs and set out optimistic. We didn’t account for the 30 degree heat, our lack of water and the fact that lycra actually melts under intense conditions. So rather than rally a train of excited runners as anticipated we had to settle for infiltrating small groups, setting aerobic routines, relay races, push ups and comedy stretches. Resulting in a comedy fun-run meets aerobic art installation.

Lycra Lovies

Festival lesson learnt – it’s no good diving in head first and trying against all odds to stick to your spectacular plans. Any event organoser needs to be flexible, adapt to the conditions of the day and adapt their event accordingly. Mission accomplished.

After our lycra induced fun, daisy and her crew held daily yoga sessions in the wild wood.

Feeling Yogic

It was certainly the first time we’ve seen a 6ft man wearing a lace mini dress, articulating the tree pose with absolute seriousness. Sadly no picture.

Also on the agenda were daily hula-hooping classes. Expert Lisa Harris was on hand to get hips wiggling. It was good to see just as many boys as girlsgiving it their all. Although it did give Daisy et al rather too close an insight into the bedroom antics of some such students. For the record, when it comes to gyrating, hula or no, take it from me, less is more.

Lisa getting Hooptastic

Getting A Wriggle On

Thrice daily parkour demonstrations had everyone holding their mouths aghast as the three strong team balanced, leapt and tumbled with urban grace. Then audience members flashed pants attempting to recreate their moves (under supervision of courses).

Daisy didn’t have time to accumulate rope burns on the dry ski slope, but she did manage to snatch a go on the toboggan run. If anyone has a chance to visit Pembrey Country Park – and I highly recommend it, then you must catch a ride on this. A ready made trail marks your path, while a semi-automatic sledge is your chariot. The metal seat gently hauls you up, en solo, to the peak of the highest hill, then races down, snaking around trees and offering a breathtaking panoramic vista. Happy days indeed.

After all the fun, some R&R was needed. So I grabbed a delicious coffee from the Organic Coffee Co, a strong, cup of chocolaty brown with a silky foam resting on top. And headed next door for some fish therapy.

Organic Coffee Company

Fish Therapy From Therapy Sucks

Dipping festival weary toes into a pool of cool water and letting little mouth sucker off your dirty dry skin, does feel a little surreal, but after the initial tickle (freak out) the sensation is relaxing. And afterwards, smooth, supple feeling footsies. Sorry fishy wishy.

In terms of festival fashions. I was mostly sporting blue. Having sliced my thumb open earlier in the week, I figured that rather than hide it, it’s best to embrace a good old fashioned glued up cut. So I went all frankenfinger and painted my nails Barry M sky blue to draw attention to the goulish accident, then matched that up with a Topshop stripy maxi. Natch ;0)

True Blue

Sand Castle

Ok so the sun may have gone to my head a little…

Either way, no one can deny, that Beach Break Live was a roaring success. And I for one have never seen a festival site that is so alarmingly beautiful.

Wildflower Woodland


Gulliver's Travels?

Empty Beachy

Must it be back to work time already? Sad face.


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