The Not So Fit Flop

Call me old fashioned, but I’ve been brought up to believe that if you want to get results, you have to work hard.

Exams. Relationships. Climbing Mount Everest. None were achieved with only a glimmer of thought. Or a mere trickle of sweat.

You need time, energy, dedication and the right tools to succeed.

There in lies my problem with all these MBT, Fit Flop, Fat Busting Bugly Boots (ok I made that last one up). There’s been a recent surge in quick-fix, thick-soled ‘training’ shoes. Shoes that claim to reshape your thighs, bum and calves if you only just slip them on for the commute to work.

All very well if your legs already resemble Beyonce’s. But what if you’re like the remainder of the nation and have a wobbly bit here, a flabby bit there and a spot of orange peel, er, like, all over your derrier. Well my friends, let me tell you, the fit flop fat flipper is not going to help.

I find it confusing that a brand can market training shoes, and a fit flop in near the same breath. Are a brand’s core values about wellbeing, victory, the high you’re rewarded with after a hard workout ? Or are they about promoting a quick fix route, that to be honest, if used in isolation, will have an imperceptible effect on your muscle tone anyway.

With one breath we’re trying to inspire people to get up and move and in the other breath we’re handing them a chunky shoe and sending the message that that alone is enough to change their body shape. And why should changing your body shape be heralded as the primary reason to exercise anyway? Bore off.

One friend argued that the MBT trainers are unique in that they realign dodgy body posture and tone your backside to boot. Their design is ‘unique’ as it is modeled on the traditional Masai shoe. And as we all know the Masai are lean, energetic warriors. If you think wearing a Masai modeled shoe will give you the physique of a Masai, you may as well throw one of their traditional red kangas over your shoulders too – sure to broaden the shape and even up muscle tone no? Exactly.

If looking like Kelly Brook meant just pulling on a pair of her panties, I think she’d have a throng, (I said throng, not thong) of stalkers scrabbling at her smalls drawer. And the ‘lean’ body shape of the Masai comes in part from days of walking cattle across harsh terrain and in part being undernourished. Do they write that on the side of the box?

Masai Shoe

Masai Shoe


Not So Masai Shoe

Not So Masai Shoe


There are no quick fixes.

I think our sports brands should take responsibility for marketing that message clearly. You won’t turn from couch potato to super hero over night, but to be honest, thank goodness. As anyone who has actually taken the time to fall in love with sport will know, that the arrival, the win, the victory, the glory is all very well, but the real fun comes from taking the time to get there.



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2 responses to “The Not So Fit Flop

  1. harriet cann

    Couldn’t agree more! Bum like Miss brook,yes please! Better get down the gym then!

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