Team Green Britain Bike Week – Celebrities Design Their Dream Bikes

Daisies. Stars. Peppermint. Checks. Polka dots and maybe a splatter of neon. That’s what would happen if I was allowed to design my own bicycle. In short – a total mess.

Good job, Team Green Britain Bike Week has left the ‘design your dream bike’ event up to the professionals then. Starting tomorrow Team Green Britain Bike Week, the UK’s biggest mass participation cycling event, is being supported by celebrities including Giles Deacon, Orla Kiely, Victoria Pendleton, Wayne Hemingway, Dawn Porter, Lord Sugar and Amy Fleuriot of Cyclodelic, all of whom have donated sketches of the bicycle of their dreams.

The seven bicycles will be auctioned off to raise money for the three cycling social enterprises that have immortalised the sketches turning them from pen and paper into wheels, spokes and handlebars.

 You can make a bid online for the bicycles from TODAY – 16 June at

I’ve got an actual crush on Orla Keily’s sunny frame. If I were a bike I’d like to think this is what I’d look like. Maybe a bit shorter though…

Orla Keily's Design

Orla Keily's Design


Orla Keily ‘The bright retro yellow reminds me of sunshine. This cheerful colour combined with the print makes it a unique bike. The classic style of the bike and the bags add practicality! There is nothing better than going for a ride on your bike, either after a hard day at work or on a sunny day. I always feel really good after a bike ride. I love that it’s an environmentally-friendly way to travel too and am glad that cycling is becoming so popular.’

Mr Deacon’s is pretty damn perky too..

Giles Deacon's Design

Giles Deacon's Design


If like me, wheels, fresh paint and a sexy frame get you as excited as a Christopher Kane sample sale then check out all the bikes available on the Bike Week website – but better yet cycle down and ogle them for real.

The exhibition is at the London Transport Museum, Covent Garden Piazza, London, WC from 10-16 June

Get yourself down, support a good cause and indulge in a healthy dose of bike porn!



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2 responses to “Team Green Britain Bike Week – Celebrities Design Their Dream Bikes

  1. The Giles Deacon bike is stunning! Want.

    Is it likely that a grubby london tike would half inch in seconds though?

  2. Orla Keily’s bike it is my favourite! I love the bags and the yellow frame 🙂

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