Nike/(RED): Tied Together London

Last night I took part in the Nike / Red: Tied Together relay event. For those not in the know it was described by the PR as ‘an epic journey that unites cultural connectors across fives cities (London, New York, Berlin, Milan, Tokyo) in a five-day relay race to raise awareness for (RED) efforts’. A big hand to the press release that says it way better than I would have.

Nike’s global energy team basically partnered up with 24 of the most influential and creative ambassadors in each city to form 24 teams that raced non-stop for 24 hours through each city. Exhausting stuff.

In London, VICE and WAH Nails each made up a team, alongside mine – the Run Dem Crew massive and Harriman Steel, the design team behind many of Nike’s campaign visuals over the past 10 years. Harriman Steel raced in red body stockings, with smoking batons – Red Arrow’s stylee passing on the baton to us at Run Dem Crew for the final leg of the London event.

Harriman Steel

Harriman Steel do catsuits for the cause

RDC paced around the canals and roads of Hackney stopping only for some arresting live street poetry. In fact the opening poem was so brilliant I’m going to get it transcribed and post it on here.

Post event we drank wine, in our running gear (it did feel a little bit like a weird dream, when you suddenly realise you’re at a party and everyone else is dolled up and you’re in your gym kit – I had to keep checking I was still wearing my shorts), and ate king prawns, blue cheese and fig and raw carpaccio of tuna, taking in the t-shirt designs by celebrated graphic designer Kate Moross who had produced individual team designs.

WAH Nails

WAH nails goes RED


Red: Tied Together

Post run entertainment. You can see why I thought I was having a bizarre dream...

When I take part in events like this, I’m always reminded just how much of a community running inspires – bringing together ideas, people and even cities in this case. Anyone who still thinks that running is a solitary sport should look at the pics from this event on the Red: Tied Together site. I’ll post a link as soon as they go live. They certainly depict the team atmosphere.

Anyone wanting to come and join Run Dem Crew, it’s on every Tuesday night, 7.30pm at Nike’s 1948 store on Batemans Row, E2.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – running is the hardest thing to start, the easiest thing to improve at.


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