Beach Break Live Festival – Retro Run

Beach Break Live

Oh to be a student again. Loans. Lie-ins. Love ins. Now the lucky buggers have even got their own festival Beach Break Live.

It’s next week. Not only that. It’s on a beach AND a nature reserve. Surfing, cocktail shacks, dry ski slope skiing, zorbing, yoga, parkour, Vampire Weekend, Plan B. How come those pesky students get to have all the fun?

Well, I always say if you can’t beat them. Join them. Which is why I’m hot footing it down to Pembrey Country Park next week to put the lucky lot through their paces!

Bring on the Daisy Does Beach Break Live Fun Run. Dressed in my finest retro sports gear I’ll be leading up to potentially 17,500 students (gulp) around the festival site. Zooming up hill and down dale we’ll be racing at sunset to take in all the festival highlights in all their golden, early evening glory. Stopping only for a few obligatory star jumps and ending with a sprint along the sands.

I know, I know… When we were students the most exercise we did was the old wine glass to lips gesture, but these are a new breed of student. The festival is set on the beach and while it has its fair share of dancing and pint swilling, the onus is on getting involved and being active. Hence all the amazing events and facilities such as skate parks, horse riding, dance classes, free running etc etc.

The festival is about to sell out, but there are a few tickets left, and the organisers now accept non students too (at a slightly higher ticket price). So dust off your trainers, pull out the suncream and get on ticketline faster than you can say ready, steady, go!

Come and sign up to my run at the activities tent. I’ll be the one in vintage Lyrca (two words I never thought could be put in the same sentence) and possibly a martini in hand. Well, it is a festival after all…

NB. If this festival sounds familiar but you can’t put your finger on why, you might remember the organisers Ian and Celia winning the hearts and wallets of the Dragons Den financiers. Or perhaps the BBC documentary that followed them round for a year. Clever kids these and not even nearly 30.


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