The Sun Has Got His Hat On

Hip hip hooray! And seeing as I finished a freelance contract yesterday, today was an extended weekend for me. With the body clock still attuned to my usual, er, 7am (ish) rise, I was wide-eyed come 7.45. So I made use of my twitchy limbs with some early morning yoga on the roof. There’s nothing quite like doing a ‘salute to the sun’ when you are literally tipping your head up towards a clear blue sky, the sun’s early rays warming up post-sleep shoulders.

Yoga on The Roof

I followed my virtuousness with a cycle through Hackney to the lido, dunking myself in the medium lane for a swift 20 lengths. Then, feeling thoroughly stretched, cleansed and energised I kicked back with some yoghurt, fruit and muesli and a giant coffee. Good times. And only 11am.


Lunch was a bowl of health – steamed asparagus, courgette ribbons, hunks of silky avocado, crisp runner beans, peas, smoked mackerel and fresh mint and nasturtiums from the roof all smothered in lemon juice. Belly happy. 



Roof Garden

Kudos to my green fingered housemate who’s cultivated radish, strawberries, mint, rocket, lettuce, thyme (the list goes on) that is all ripe for the picking. Further proof you don’t need a garden to reap and sew. Although I’m still not sure about sacrificing a handbag to the cause Miss McCartney.

Lemon Cake

lemony snicket

Oh and to top this sunny day off, I’ve baked a lemon cake to finish. Sometimes, working freelance isn’t so shabby after all.


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