JCDC at Selfridges Wonder Room

Thursday night was the launch of JCDC ‘s ‘Encounter Of The Fifth Kind’ at Selfridges concept space – the wonder room. Vodka jelly shots and cupcakes with radioactive colour frosting were order of the day: a spot-on backdrop to the extra terrestrial themed show.

Jean Charles De Castelbajac, visionary French designer, has curated his own show, which includes five window displays, stationary, T-shirts, bags and plates scrawled with lessons for living (Having too much fun can cause serious addiction). I concur.

The windows took eight months to curate and will be on show for two months – until the end of June. I had a dream last night about the Donny Darko-esque mannequins all pitch black, huge glowing eyes and tall pointy ears that look out over Oxford Street. Amaze.

Also on sale, £30, is JCDC’s T-shirt collaboration with Joseph Corré of Agent Provocateur and Humanade, in memory of Malcolm McLaren. The slogan reads ‘Friendship is my spaceship’. You’ve got to love anyone with those sentiments. Maybe don’t tell my best mate though, not sure how keen she’d be on me likening her to a UFO.

JCDC and Joseph Corree

I’m a sucker for lego, so I particularly love this watch collaboration with ODM:JCDC ODM Watch Collaboration

Overheard: Nineteen year old (alien?) girl in the Selfridges toilet talking to her friend ‘so what is this launch then?’ ‘oh you know, JCDC’ ‘who’s that then?’ ‘oh just some shit fashion label’. Fear not, I kicked her ‘accidentally’ as I reached for the hand dryer.


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