Tanked Up

I pedaled down to Street Studios in Dalston on Friday to have a little snoop on a Nike/Tank Magazine collaboration. Scheduled to come out later this year in Tank Magazine, the shoot was celebrating The N98 Muse, (the national 98 Track Jacket), which is Nike Sportswear’s key piece for spring summer ’10.

Originally inspired by the Nike kit worn by the Brazilian national football team who wore the tops apres game at the World Cup in 1998. The top takes its heritage as an icon of sport and brings it up date for today. The colourways are brilliant bright blues, greens, yellows, purples and pinks – hitting the SS10 trend for bold colour. Tick.

Nike – with the help of some fashion friends, a handful of lithe athletes and the lovely people at Tank – has taken the N98 top from its original place on the medal stands and given it a place on the street.

The shoot took five of London’s most exciting new design talents – Julian Smith, Sibling, FelderFelder, Hannah Marshall, Tim Soar and Katie Eary and matched them up with hot, young Olympic hopefuls Jodie Williams, Harry Aiknes Areety, Ashlee Nelson, Charlotte Purdue, Danny Care and Martyn Rooney.

Each designer was tasked with reimagining the N98 Track Jacket for their athlete, and the results were beautiful and dynamic in equal measure.

So, what did the final garments look like? Well, it was an exclusive after all and I don’t kiss and tell, so you’ll just have to keep your eyes on the prize and buy Tank magazine (no I’m not being paid by them to blog this, truth be known I’m dying to go into gritty detail on the garments, but my moral compass is switched on and therefore I must zip my lips).

In the meantime here is a little sneak peek:

Jodie Williams having her make-up done by Jose Bass prior to bringing Julian Smith’s (stunning and empowering) creation to life in front of the lens. Anyone who has ever doubted the effect of a disciplined, active lifestyle and its effects on the body, just wait to see Jodie’s pictures – the girl has the body of a young goddess.

Although immediately nervous in front of the lens, the athletes came alive as soon as they started moving – obviously more comfortable being energetic and active than poised and awkward.

Also interesting was to see the fashion designers as nervous and humble about their creations as any ordinary folk stepping up to reveal work they’d put time, energy and soul into. Sorry to smash any prima-donna preconceptions. Felder and Felder, are however, just as enthralling as you’d expect from two striking, blonde identical twins moving as a pair the entire afternoon.

It was pretty exciting to see sportswear enjoying a high fashion moment. And rather than being paraded on models, placed on the people the items are originally intended to enhance and flatter – sportsmen and women. Kudos to Nike for simultaneously managing to be cutting-edge without losing the essence of their brand – as technical, sporting innovators. And for the record, the athletes looked every bit as dynamic, expressive and multi dimensional as any professional model shoot I’ve seen.

So, while Nike was powering forward and changing how the world relates to apres game sportswear, I thought I’d take a dip into the stylists rail – Ashish, Mark Fast, David Koma et. al – surely any brand as busy as Nike wouldn’t notice If I just slipped off with a little number by Mark… I jest. Damn that moral compass.



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2 responses to “Tanked Up

  1. Eoin The Great

    Great post Daisy, I love your writing style. I will spread the word.

    And when i pick up one of the new tops, i will send you a picture so your readers can see what it looks like on a less than athletic figure !

    Keep up the great work

  2. Great writings, as always, Daisy! What are you recommending for on/off court?

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