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Puma isn’t really a sports brand that’s tickled my fancy before. I don’t instantly associate it with innovative technical apparel, like I would Asics but neither would it be my go-to for sporty lifestyle pieces, that would naturally be Nike or American Apparel. But, fresh back from the Autumn/Winter 2010 press day I feel there are a couple of garments that are worth a mention.

1. Urban Oversized Tank £20 (pictured below)

For Autumn/Winter 2010 Puma is doing dance wear. Like many other sports brands dabbling in this genre, it still has a long way to go in terms of hitting the mark technically. (I used to be  dancer, so can appreciate good support, a cut that flatters and accentuates dance lines and fabric that breathes, doesn’t chafe and feels comfortable against the skin). However, what this top does have going for it is it’s super lightweight and is made from paper thin cotton that hangs in all the right places. It’s got over exaggerated arm holes for layering over sports bras, t-shirts or leotards. And it has a racer back will give full moveability in the arms and create an attractive line around the shoulder blades. This top isn’t trying to contend with the big name dance specialists like Bloch or Capezio, it’s just simple and easy to wear. The design has an urban tie-dye feel which I think will keep those Pineapple Studio kids happy. Vogue has flagged it up in the current (June) issue too, and so expect to see a lot more of it as the season goes on

2. Lo/Mid Housten St range £40/£45 (pictured below)

Hello crazy. That’s what your friends might say when they see you in these kicks. They look like an animation that’s walked off the page, all cartoon brights, drawn on laces and pen like lines separating the traditional upper patterns. The Um Bongo colourways (including lilac, aqua and white) will bring a welcome change come A/W – it’s almost a shame they’re not available to buy now. Do wear with indigo denim if you’re under the age of 30, don’t wear without a healthy dose of irony if you’re anywhere over, or you risk looking like a bit of a video game playing, middle youth pleb.

3. I will find out the name of these shoes and post shortly. (Pictured below)

I know what you’re thinking. We’ve gone from neon flecked sports top, to Bart Simpson’s sneakers and now we have moleskin two tone ankle boots. Puma has pushed the boat out with variation for A/W. This cute shoe also comes in black. The upper is baby soft, with a highly polished patent toe and foot surround. The silhouette tapers in at the ankle thanks to a neat lace formation and then slouches out so airily it makes me feel like the shoe is letting out a sigh around the bottom of the leg.  These will look amazing with dark denim and a shearling coat.

1. 2. 3.   

Also at the press day was a preview of the Alexander McQueen/Puma collaboration. There are apparently designs ready for the next few seasons, which is pretty funking exciting. I’ll post some pics soon as my uploader won’t work right now. Plus, that deserves a whole post of its own.


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